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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  July 24, 2011 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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welcome to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> hi, everybody. welcome to sports xtra. i'm dave feldman. the nats are ready to come home, the kastles are trying to bring it home and the terps are preparing to protect their home but first a pro football
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update. the players executive committee meets tomorrow in washington. its lawyers worked through the weekend on the issues holding up an agreement with the ors. hopefully the players will -- owners. hopefully the players will vote on a settlement tomorrow. owners approved a tentative agreement on thursday, but the players said they need more information before they can vote and took issue with portions of the proposal. several players didn't see that full proposal until late saturday. if a vote does come tomorrow, team facilities would open wednesday. players then can get physicals, sign union cards, receive playbooks and agents can negotiate or renegotiate contracts. no contracts could be signed, however, until saturday when camps would open if the nflpa is back to being a union and the agreement is approved. as for free agency, here's the list of the current redskins free agents. on the offense you've got qb rex grossman, wide receiver santana moss, offensive tackle jammal brown and stephon hire.
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on defense phillip buchanon, kris wilson, h.b. blades and reed dowdy. tomorrow should be interesting. the good news for your washington nationals is their 9 nine-game road trip is over. the bad -- nine-game road trip is over. the bad news is it didn't end earlier. the top of the first against l.a. and bases juiced, michael morse delivers the base hit to the left, roger bernadina scores and nats up 1-0 but that's all the offense they'd get. chad billingsley came out on fire, strikes out the next three batters starting with jayson werth. he goes seven innings, gives up two hits and struck out 10. bottom of the 1st dodgers get all the runs they need. there's one up the middle off jason marquis. the nats' defense trying to control damage, danny espinoza looking on. matt kemp is too quick and jesus flores drops the ball. dodgers take a 2-1 lead and win
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3-1. they're off tomorrow, back in d.c. to face the marlins tuesday. davey johnson, chad billingsley, what do you have? >> we should have busted in that 1st inning. i mean we didn't put the ball in play after they slid nobody out and that hurts and then he pitched a heck of a ballgame. we swung and missed a lot today, but it was a good ballgame. i thought we were going to bust open 1st inning. we had the right guys up. evidently mr. billingsley had other things in mind. buck showalter and the orioles looking to take the rubber match from the angels this afternoon, top of the 4, up 2-0. there's one off the glove of derrek lee. ken dre scores. top of the 6, adam jones at the dish. a two-run shot. o's get to within a run. still that way in the 8th but then the angels blow it open.
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mike trout blasts his first career home run, three-run home run and the angels take down the orioles 9-3. when we return, baseball hall of fame ceremonies are coming up and the early ons have some connections heading to cooperstown.
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> the redskins chris hamburger will be inducted into the pro football hall of fame august 6th in canton, ohio. today baseball had its ceremony many cooperstown, new york. former o's second baseman roberto allomar and pat gill ick among those in the class of 2011. allomar a two time all-star and won a record 10 gold gloves as
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second baseman and helped the blue jays win back to back titles in the '90s. he enters the hall as a jay. the gm of the jays team pat gill less who has spent nearly years in major league baseball helping guide them to the playoffs twice in the span of 1995 to 1998. >> baseball is about talent, hard work and strategy, but at the deepest level it's about love, integrity and respect. i was lucky to go to day for 50 years to a job that i loved, a job i still can't believe they paid me to do and i'm humbled to be standing here today when the game has already given me back so much more than i ever imagined possible. >> i play the game of baseball in front of thousands of people all my life, but i must say i'd be playing the game than be doing this speech today here. [ laughter ]
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>> the game of baseball, you are and will always be my life and my love. the washington kastles finished the world team tennis regular season with a perfect 14-0 record, just the second team in league history to do, so but in the 36 year history of the league no team had gone undefeated ever and then won it. coach murphy jensen's washington kastles in the finals against the st. louis aces, a couple rain delays in charleston making it look more like wimbledon. women's doubles with stubbs and arena win their court point and set and then on to the men's doubles, bobby reynolds and leander page, reynolds with a sweet return in the freakout. more from the cast -- return
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in the set. coming up maryland football with a new coach. we'll hear from the qb right after the break. 
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> john daly is looking good these days. he's thinner and healthier and i know he's smoking over my
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shoulder, but he's eating better and he's still colorful with his loud mouth pants, but he hadn't finished in the top 10 in a pga event in six years, something that could change today at the canadian open. he shot 72 to finish in the four-way tie. way to go, john. you're in the top 10. chris blanks, an american plays out of ford streams and is for par on 18 and he gets it. they replay 18 a half a par. not going to get it. taps in for bogey. he's in the midst of his worst season on a pga tour, but it will be good enough if blanks could make his bogey. o' hair watching, blanks doesn't get it. 29-year-old sean o'hair wins for the first time but his first since 2009. his $936,000 winning share, well, that almost triples his earnings coming into the week
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and gets him a 104th spot in the fedex standings up to 43. tour de france ending today and after two not finishes australia's cadel evans finally breaks through to become the champing of cycling's greatest race, the first tour de france winner from australia and the oldest rider to win since world war ii winning by one mill knit and 34 seconds -- minute and 34 seconds. the nfl is working to end the lockout and college teams are gearing up for their season and for the maryland terrapins, while some things have changed, some remain the same. maryland is coming off a 9-4 campaign including a military bowl win over east carolina. gone is 10 year head coach raffle fried again. a big reason to be excited --
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ralph friedgen. last year's rookie of the year spoke at acc's media day and learning of the new system. >> it's a whole new language. it's the main difference between offenses are you may run the exact same player this year as last year but it's called something completely different. really getting your head in the playbook and being a true freshman again almost in the sense of not knowing a playbook is cuff, but we've come a long way -- tough, but we've come a long way and i've got it down now. >> once again the players executive committee will meet tomorrow in d.c. and then notify the players if they're going to vote to approve what the owners say should be an end to a lockout. hopefully we'll have football again this week. i'm dave feldman. i'll see you tomorrow. good night. >> thank you for watching sports xtra brought to you by your washington area nissan dealer.


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